Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He's Metro-sexual Like That...

I've been married to Mr. almost 20 years. There is very little that surprises me anymore. This weekend he woke up and declared that he had an ear hair that was poking him all night.
My response was: Blink... blink... (The crickets were chirping, too.)
LB, you've got to find that hair and clip it off.
I yessed him and figured once he got up, he'd let it go.
I was incorrect in that assumption.
Later that day, he came down with one of those little nose/ear hair trimmer things and plopped himself on the couch.
LB, you've got to find that hair and trim it. It's driving me crazy. It's sticking up! Can you see it?
(I really should have taken my glasses off to see that teeny tiny irritant, because to be honest I never did see it.)
Do you have any idea how hard it is to trim someone's ear hair when you've got the giggles?
While I was desperately trying to please my man and trim his ear hair, he went on and on telling me how much ear hair makes him crazy. He can't stand little old men who let their ear hair get longer than the hair on their heads or their eyebrows for that matter. The statement that put me over the edge was when he said, (and I quote) "I'm just metro-sexual like that."
That did it for me - the giggles turned into all out hysterical laughter complete with tears.
Yes, he is very lucky he can still hear and that he still has an ear on the left side of his head.

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