Thursday, October 22, 2009


I teach at a school with a small middle school bell program. I have kids in there with all kinds of learning issues - one who can't track, one who can't hear, one who is ADD... the list goes on. And there are only 9 in my class.
I have a bell student who will NOT ring. She stands there. If I go over and point, she will move the bell a little bit, but no sound comes out. I told her yesterday that her goal for the day was to ring loud enough for me to hear.  She did a little better. Believe me I don't care if there is a wrong note. I'd rather have something than nothing. My attitude is that if you TRY to ring, but you miss half your notes, it doesn't matter.  But she won't try. She just stands there. It's beyond frustrating.
I emailed the mom to find out if she had an IEP or if I was missing something. It turns out that the child has never ever seen a note. Okay then. Well, now I know what I'm working with.
The mother is totally freaking and wants her out of my class. She's afraid the child will be singled out. Can you say "over reacting"?  The other class is full of 6th grade boys. Like she'd be happy in there??? NOT!!  Besides, they are not graded on how well they play. They are graded on if they try. All I am asking is that this kid try.
I have asked the mom to leave her in the class and let me teach her.
I'm waiting for a response.

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