Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uniforms, etc.

Today my goal is to get to the cleaners and pick up the band uniforms - if they are done.  If they aren't done, I've got to resort to plan b which has yet to be drawn up.

Once we have the uniforms, we need to put them all back together and have them ready to be loaded on the bus on Saturday... This doesn't take all that long, but it does take time.  I'm more than fortunate to have a BFF who will help me do this. She is a godsend, because getting them to the cleaners is easy, but getting them all back together and ready for the kids is the hard part. 

I also have to be at the private school where I teach to go over the chimes - it seems we are sending a few back for repair or replacement. They need to go. For example: the clapper head flies across the room when you play the A5... it's really quite entertaining!

Tomorrow I'm subbing for middle school strings. I have no idea what wire instruments are all about, but I can count to 4, so we're good.  She asked me if I'd be willing to make them play... LOL! Of course! I also have to help Mr. H with a spreadsheet I made for him last year. He says there are no formulas - I think he may have blown them away... Fortunately, for him I am a spreadsheet master! I can create formulas in my sleep! Bwahahaha!!!

Tonight we have bell rehearsal. Last night while we were chatting at swimming, R reminded me that we are playing this Sunday - we have competition on Saturday in Salem - that's far! And we won't be home until the wee hours of Sunday morning. This is when R and I are glad that the music we've been assigned to play isn't overly complicated... LLB, on the other hand, plays 4 in hand and needs to be focused.  I wonder if the 4 of us who are affected can play with our eyes closed... We'll find out on Sunday!

Mini Kitty just had a humongous tick on her. I took it off. I may just hurl... eeeewww!!!

On that note... have a lovely day... I'm off to shudder now...

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