Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tying up the loose ends

Today will be spent finishing up projects and getting a bunch of stuff off my desk (and my counter). I'm working on typing in the final few recipes for the cookbook, sending out our handbell festival registration for the springtime, gathering my receipts and other goodies for my meeting tomorrow, getting my act together for this afternoon's meeting, doing a bit of laundry, and getting the handbell scrapbook updated. That certainly doesn't sound like much, but if you could see my desk and my counter you'd think otherwise... It's wild!

LLB finished her English project yesterday - the remnants of that project were put away, but just doing the project created a giant mess out of everything else I had going. Just know that her project turned out really cute. I should have taken a picture of it - she made a shoe box scene of Romeo and Juliette "redneck style". Romeo had curly hair and wore overalls and no shoes. Juliette had ponytails and wore a denim jumper and a little apron. The scene was in an apple orchard (with one apple tree) at night. It was all made out of paper. (I have a die cutter and dies - Lord knows nobody in this house can draw!) The hardest part? Getting it all to stand up. She has these great ideas, but implementing them is almost impossible.

This weekend is homecoming and the weather isn't looking very promising. We are hoping the rain holds off for the football game on Friday... It's supposed to be cold and rainy until Sunday. The kids are hoping for the best.

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