Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's MY blog...

And I'll write what I want.

What I write here is my opinion. If I don't like the way you act, talk, eat, fart, or drive - that's my opinion. If you give me blog fodder, I'm going to use it.

Ever notice that when you speak the truth and it stings a little bit, people don't like it? This is what has happened here. I never ever use names (or even faces for that matter) - but if you read something that makes you think that it could be you... maybe you need to make a change or think about the situation next time it arises. If you don't think I'm right - push the little red x up there in the corner. That's what it's for.

This little blog of mine is my own. I will NOT be censored. No one will tell me what to post and what to take down. I will not apologize for my opinion. It's MINE.

If my words wield the kind of power I've been told they do, then I should be Queen of the Universe. Alas, I'm just a busy mom who has a mountain of laundry and an opinion or two.

Basically it comes down to this:
If you don't like what I write - Don't read. Go away.

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