Monday, October 05, 2009

Holy Cow!

I can't believe it's been this long since I last posted. Let me try to catch you all up on our busy life...

We've had a birthday - mine. Yes, I'm still 29. I celebrated with my friends at lunch time - I was blessed with cards, flowers, ladybug stuff, a video game, and ice cream. I celebrated with the family at dinner - more video games, gift cards, and a brother ptouch. They think they can get me organized.... LOL!!!

We've had another band competition. The kids scored better than they did the first competition, but ended up 1 point behind 1st place. This is a good thing, though... as they get cocky when they win and now - since second place is not as wonderful as first, they are working harder than ever to get that 1st place back.

I've uploaded and distributed over 300 pictures to the families of our band students. I take pix of all the kids during the competitions. I want the families who can't or don't attend to feel like they are part of it. I know that when #1 was a freshman and I couldn't be there, I felt like I was missing out. This way, the parents are included and their scrapbooks are complete.

I'm in the midst of getting the band cookbook ready to go to press. I've got 69 recipes and am waiting for a bunch more. They will sell for $5 and the recipes I've received are phenomenal!! I've typed them all in and wow! I was gettin' mighty hungry while I was typin'. The recipes are easy and yummy! Want a cookbook? Let me know. I'll tell how you can order it online and have it shipped right to you. These things are going to be collectors items... and the recipes are family faves! This is one cookbook you'll use all the time!

LLB is working on 2 projects - one for Science and one for English. She worked for a few hours yesterday afternoon and that Science project is coming along - it's a paper and a Powerpoint. She's quite a Powerpoint weenie... I'm impressed!

We took #1 to the first college fair of the year last week. He has his sights set on VMI right now. They have 2 music scholarships as well as academic scholarships for which he can apply. VMI will give him the structure he wants and needs without having to do all that Math that the USNA requires... (Of course while we were walking around the college fair, he mentioned something about majoring in Math. I ignored that statement.) VMI invited him to an orientation in October and an overnight in the spring. The recruiter did a great job! #1's hooked. :-)

This week brings a mountain of laundry left over from last week as well as dishes and all the running around I usually do. My goal is to get it all done and keep it caught up... Yeah, right! So anyway - maybe just making sure everyone has clean sheets and clean underwear is going to have to be good enough.

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