Monday, October 12, 2009


The Homecoming dance is coming up - as you all already know. LLB has her dress. #1 doesn't have an "outfit" so to speak. Today I may have to go shopping for said "outfit". The theme for the evening is Mardi Gras. He has given me specific instructions about what he wants - he wants all black with a red tie. Why? He wants to look tall?

LLB and her friend B are going together. She was faceb**king with him yesterday and he said something about not going. She fixed that. She just asked him to go with her - just as friends. It seems to me that she may have played right into his hand... He's a slick one, that B. I think he may have been plotting this for a quite a while.

#1 has two girls he's meeting at the dance. One who isn't allowed to date and one who is a friend of LLB's. (So many girls.. so little time..) He'll be a dancing fool!

Shopping anyone?

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