Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, LLB!

Our LLB is 12 today.

It seems like just yesterday she was toddling around the kitchen... She's grown into quite a lovely young lady.

We have no big plans for her today. She asked for a music stand and an iPod shuffle. Auntie and Uncle came through with 1/2 the shuffle and we sprang for the rest. The music stand - it's big, it's black and it's ugly... It's just what she wanted!! (Her old one is one of those fold up stands that folds up when you least expect it.)

Tonight - after her trumpet lesson (She asked for an extra lesson this week so that her music for Hershey is perfect.) we'll have dinner with the Grandbugs out on the deck. We might even have a small cake complete with candles for her to blow out. :-)

Her party with her friends - Well, she doesn't know what she wants, so she's decided to wait a little bit until she figures it out. She's not sure if she wants a sleepover, an ice skating party, or something completely different. Whatever she decides, is fine with us.

Our LLB is growing up. She's ready - she's got her head on straight and she knows where she's going. What more could we ask?


Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

HaPPY BIRTHDAY LLB!! Most people have only seen part of you...but I have seen your whole SELF!! Your mom is very proud of you and I can understand just why!! TAke care and have a wonderful 12th birthday!! The teens are next!! WOW!! Sandy

Dixie said...

Happy Birthday LLB!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to LLB! I bet you can't believe how fast she's growing up.