Monday, April 02, 2007

Tootin' Their Horns

Just in case you have forgotten, our children play instruments.
#1 plays sax. LLB plays trumpet.

They both tried out for District Band back in the fall. #1 made District. LLB did not. LLB was the only 6th grader to try out and she finished 24th out of 40. We were thrilled that she decided to even try out.

Fast forward to this past weekend. Both #1 and LLB are invited to play at Tri-County Band. They accept.

#1 is first chair sax. This is no surprise. He works hard and is a terrific sax player.

LLB's teacher tells her that she is 4th chair trumpet. This is huge! There are only 9 trumpets. She is the only 6th grader. She plays better than 5 other kids who are all a year or two older and have been playing a year or two longer. She is thrilled!

We picked them up after an all day rehearsal on Friday. Neither one of them could feel their lips. When we dropped them off on Saturday morning, they were ready to play for another 4 or 5 hours.

The concert that afternoon was terrific! #1 had a duet with a flute and nailed it. LLB did a great job, too.

Last night, LLB got her trumpet out to practice her school music. She started to play. When she got to the hard part she sailed right through it.
"Hey, Mom... I can play this now! I think it was all those hours of wicked hard music we played this weekend."
"You think?"
"Mom, I can do all of this AND I can hit a high F."
(There is a method to my madness... I don't make them do all this extra stuff for nothing!!)
She has a lightbulb moment. I can see it turn on in that little blond brain of hers.
"Oh... wow! I get it. Thanks, Mom."
I get a kiss on the cheek and a big old hug.
She returns to her practicing.

Life is good... Life is very very good.


Dixie said...

I would love to be able to play a musical instrument. But I'm about as musically inclined as a stump on a log.

You must be so proud!

david santos said...

what a good work you have!
thank you

Joan said...

I'm guessing your children get their natural music abilities from someone in the family. Could that person with the musical genes be you?

Susan said...

Well...congrats to them! I remember those days and know just how excting they are.

:-) Susan

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Aw heck, Bug. I get a little misty-eyed here.

Unknown said...

How lucky you are that she gets it! My son still can't make the connection that practice makes perfect.

Sharpie said...

I am in awe of your mothering skillz. I am taking notes.....

Clearlykels said...

They are so awesome!! I love that she appreciates it all now!! She is too cute.

Katherine said...

Yay for the kids! Sigh, must be SO difficult to be the proud mom of such talented kids. :)