Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Tuesday I had lunch with a friend who I hadn't seen in quite a while. She is the sweetest thing on two feet and I had so missed spending time with her.

2. Grambug and I have started a walking program that Gram found in Family Circle magazine. It says we can lose a dress size in a month. LOL! I'll believe it when I see it. The first day we walked for 5 min. That got us to the mailbox... The second and third day we walked 10 whole minutes... I'm thinking that dress size isn't shrinking any time fast.

3. Yesterday I went on a field trip to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis with LLB.

4. She took it all in... I wasn't sure what she was thinking until one of the teachers scooped her in her arm and asked her if she could come to LLB's graduation from there. LLB grinned and said, "Absolutely!"

5. I told LLB that if she didn't like it she certainly didn't have to choose to go to school there - she has plenty of other colleges to choose from. Her answer, "Mom, I love it here. I want to go to college here. I don't want to leave. I want to stay here."

6. We saw a mock dorm room. We thought it was very nice and neat. One of the people touring with us is an Annapolis grad. His comment, "That room was not neat. It would never pass inspection. The sheets weren't folded correctly, the corners weren't square, and the cover was wrinkled." My thought, "OMG! I've got a lot of work to do..."

7. I was putting LLB to bed last night and she said, "Mom, will you teach me how to make my bed like they do?" "Sure. No problem. I can do that." I'm not sure 5 years is long enough to be able to teach her how to do that, but I'll give it my best shot.

8. #1 is also interested in the Naval Academy. I think he'd probably do better with Air Force - it seems they are a little more laid back. According to the Navy types I've spoken with, the AF is more like a country club. I'm not sure that's true... I found out #1 can take a summer "try me" course out in Colorado when he's a little older. I'll be saving my pennies for that!

9. His comment, "Mom, I already know how to make my bed and I'm very neat."
"Yes, you are, dear, and that makes me very happy."

10. We were touring the pool area and LLB asked if she had to keep her bun in her hair while she was swimming or could she just wear a braid. LOL!! That kid is always thinking!!

11. Oh - I'm sure you all want to know how many kids I ended up with in my group for this field trip. Umm... 3. What a lovely number! Not 22. Not 15. Ah.. it was a very enjoyable field trip. There were 23 adults for 71 children. Now that ratio is so much better, don't you think?

12. The one thing that annoyed me during the field trip - an Asian man, who wasn't part of our group, kept photographing my LLB while we were touring the Academy. The first picture I thought, "Hmm... that's weird." The second picture I thought, "Hey, knock it off, Dude!" The third picture - I stepped in front of her so all he got was a picture of my oh so attractive torso. He was absolutely thrilled, I'm sure.

13. Next week is school vacation week. The children are definitely ready for a break. We don't have any huge plans so I asked them what they wanted to do. Their reply: They want to go to the spy museum. I think we might be able to squeeze that in.

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Susan said...

I'm so amazed when my kids think "into" their futures! It sounds like your kids are doing the same. It's really neat to watch.

I hope you have a VERY blessed day....I might have to try that walking to the mailbox thing (although my mailbox is only one minute out the door)...guess I'll have to go further.

:-) Susan

Chelle said...

My brother-in-law graduated from the Naval Academy. Annapolis is a beautiful city.

kuanyin333 said...

I wish I could have lunch with many of my friends who've moved away from Maui--that would be so much fun! Happy TT! Today my Blog is 300 posts old--come by and help me celebrate her birthday, won't you?