Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Tonight is the Volunteer Appreciation Reception for our local library volunteers.

2. Mr. and I are going. It's a date. We live large around here.

3. I've been at the school almost every day this week volunteering. I have to leave in a few minutes to help with book fair.

4. Tomorrow I have to help with picture day.

5. Saturday is the Spaghetti Supper that benefits the mission trip. Mr. is going to start cooking this afternoon.

6. My house is going to smell yummy!!

7. I went shopping for all the ingredients on Tuesday. I needed one of those huge orange flatbed cart things at the store. I could barely push it it was so heavy!!!

8. I put a handbell music order in a shopping cart online and then went to answer the phone. When I came back, the store had emptied my cart! Don'tcha hate that? I guess I'd been gone too long...

10. It took me another 45 min. to fill it back up again. This time I got smart and made a hard copy.

11. We dropped some things off at Salvation Army today.

12. I just realized that today was supposed to be scrapbooking day. Fortunately for me, nobody could come.

13. LLB's birthday is coming up. I don't know what to get her. Auntie got her something she wanted, but that was the best thing. Now I have to figure something else out... Any ideas? She also doesn't know what she wants to do for a party... We will worry about that later. We can't do it right now anyway... there's too much going on!

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