Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. We are off to our church retreat tomorrow.

2. I put the goody bags together the other day. I made hobo bags out of bandanas and put the treats inside. They are so cute!

3. It's supposed to be cold and rainy. I want warm and sunny.

4. I'm going to bring a good book, plunk myself in a sunbeam and read. Or I might crochet. I need to finish #1 Son's afghan.

5. We have a talent show on Saturday night. I think our skit is the best. I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

6. We also have a band. #1, LLB, and I bring our instruments up and play. I just wish the band leader would choose something other than Sousa marches. I'm a flute player and those gazillion black notes make me dizzy!!

7. We come home on Sunday.

8. Friends, who we haven't seen in over a year, are coming to visit on Sunday. They are touring DC next week. I can't wait to see them!!

9. The house has to be spit polished before we leave tomorrow.

10. I can't have them see my house as it normally is... Although, when we lived closer, they saw it at it's worst many times. My friend, though, her house is always neat as a pin. I don't know how she does it...

11. The ladies came over for the monthly newcomer's coffee yesterday. Da President was among them. She was a nervous wreck. Do you think I'm scary? I was sweet and charming - so was Grambug for that matter. You would have been impressed.

12. Zebbie did not like Da President.

13. He's such a good judge of character. I love that dog!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

So glad to know that your gram bug were on your best behavior...dogs are good judges of character. Praying for warm weather for your weekend trip. (It's a given, of course, your skit will be the best, but try to be modest when they praise you!)

Uisce said...

warm and sunny -- yeah, I could use a little bit of that!

Susan said...

I had forgotten about your newcomers group stories...sounds like Zebbie is pretty darn smart!! I hope you have a great trip this weekend and enjoy your time visiting your friends.

My TT is up too.

:-) Susan

craziequeen said...

Hope you all have a wonderful retreat - can't wait to hear about your skit....

I have just started the new re-enactment season, so there is a lot of sitting in the outdoors in a 14c dress, pondering all sorts of stuff (no phones, no electricity, no watches etc).