Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Glad That's Over!

We survived our hectic Saturday!

At 8am I left with LLB to go to the Solo and Ensemble Festival. She had one piece to perform and she was first on the list. We arrived and checked in. She carried her trumpet. I carried her mouthpiece in a travelmug of hot water. It's a little something I came up with the night before (We cleaned up her trumpet using hot water. The last thing I cleaned was her mouthpiece. It was warm. I told her to try out her trumpet to make sure the valves were in correctly. She said something like "I love to play with a warm mouthpiece. It's so nice and easy to play." I had a lightbulb moment! Why not carry the mouthpiece in a cup of hot water until it's time to play??) Brilliant?! Yes, I thought so, too!

Where was I? Oh yes... LLB meets up with her accompanist, Ms. B. and they say hello. Ms. B tells LLB that she'll meet her in the performance room. LLB's name is called and we go down. Ms. B. is there and takes her in. I get to stand in the hall and peek through the small window in the door... LLB is calm and cool. She hands the judge her sheet and her music. She stands next to the piano and is ready. They do a little warm up thingy. Then she plays. LLB has never ever played that piece better. It was perfect!! When she finished the judge asked her what grade she was in. LLB told him 6th. His comment, "Wow." When LLB came out of the room with Ms. B., she had a big smile on her face.

We went back upstairs to wait for her score. While we were waiting, LLB's arch nemesis, C, came in. This girl also plays trumpet and wants to be LLB - that's a post for another day. I told LLB to be a good person and to go wish C good luck. LLB did it but when she came back she said, "Mom, I want to puke." (I know they will end up being the best of friends, but until then... I'm rolling my eyes!) We waited a little longer and then the scores arrived. LLB got a 1!! 1 is the best you can get - Superior. Yippee!!

Then, we started running again. We blew home and made a quick lunch. LLB got a couple of things she wanted for the road in the afternoon. Then we ran off and got #1 who had been at the church yard sale with Mr. and the Grandbugs.

I brought the two of them over to their Jazz lesson. I met up with my dear friend R. She was taking the Dancing Princess and LLB to the ballet exam in Maryland. I owe her so big for this favor!! She blasted out of the studio at 11:45. I stayed behind with #1.

#1 and I flew out of there at 12:45 after his lessons were finished. We arrived at the Solo and Ensemble Festival in time for his performance at 1:40. When we arrived, we ran into HP and his dad. We met up with #1's accompanist and private music teacher, Mr. H. They warmed up and waited for their turn. They were taken down to a different judge - the woodwind judge. #1 was a little nervous, but he handled it. I knew that as soon as he played the first note, he'd be fine. He was fine. He was perfect! The only comment the judge had for him was to use a harder reed. Okay... we can do that - actually, we have them... right here on my desk. As #1 was in the room playing, HP arrived - he was performing next. He was a little nervous, but I talked to him a and injected a bit of humor and reason. He mellowed. My best bit of advice - breathe. It helps to breathe when you play a woodwind instrument.

#1 and I went out to the car to get Zebbie and #1 changed into shorts. We then went back in to get his score. We waited about 15 min. with HP and his dad. The scores came up and the boys went in to get them. Both scored a 1! It was a banner day!! 1's all around!

#1 and I then made a whirlwind trip through Wallyworld before heading home. I got exciting things like cat food and shampoo.

Mr. and the Grandbugs spent the day at the yard sale. I can't say that they had as successful a day, but at least the Grandbugs made some cash. They made enough to go to dinner last night. Mr. ended up in the red. LOL!! Our stuff is headed off to the Salvation Army on Monday morning. Mr. has decided to go for the write-off this year. All that stuff is NOT going back in the attic....

We heard from LLB and R at about 5. They were on their way home. They thought the girls did fine and should pass. LLB got a cut on her foot either from something on the floor or from something in her ballet slipper. (I'm going for the floor.) When she asked the judges if she could wipe up her bleeding foot, they said no. I am furious!! LLB was unnerved by that, but I'm sure she sucked it up and dealt. She's a trooper. Needless to say she has a pretty decent sized cut on her foot. I'll be writing them a letter....

Anyway, it seems R and the Dancing Princess hadn't had enough of my LLB and they kept her for the night. They swung by to get some clothes and a toothbrush. I, mother of the year, had all her things ready to go - I even ironed her outfit for church. I gave her a kiss and sent her on her way.

So today, things are slowing down. I'll pick up LLB after church. After that, I'll be doing all the laundry I've neglected this week....


Susan said...

Once again, you've done it, you wore ME out just thinking about this schedule. I'm so glad your kids both got 1' well I remember those days...and the nerves and excitement that accompany them.

I think I'd be writing a letter, too...about the foot. Amazing.

Have a great day. And, rest, some!

:-) Susan

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I totally agree with Susan...I am worn out just reading your always!! You need to get some sort of award for being the "BEST MOM ON THE MOVE" or something like that anyway!I am very happy for your children! What kids...Sandy

Judy said...

Girl, you've made me tired and I just sat around all afternoon!! I'm so glad my kids are all grown.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This all takes my breath away. How do you accomplish all this?