Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Week Begins

Today is Sunday.
LLB and I went to town and did our handbell thing with my church group. It was GREAT!! They are such a wonderful bunch...
They want to play in June. That works for me.
We just need to find a date. We'll do that at rehearsal tomorrow.

Mr. got some nifty pain killers to get him through the weekend, but they made him sick to his stomach. He will be taking tylenol to get him through from now on. Fortunately, his appointment is first thing on tomorrow morning.

LLB went to a bon-fire birthday party last night. She said it was fun, but that most of the kids who were there are athletic - and there were a ton of kids there. My LLB does not do volleyball - her glasses get broken when she gets hit in the face with the ball. My LLB does not do football - too dangerous. My LLB does not do soccer - she likes her shins intact. So, she hung out by the fire and skipped the sports. She did not complain that I got there early to pick her up. She did tell me that she'd rather have a small party with only a few of her very best friends.

#1 went to a Swing Dance fund raiser last night and came in second in the dance competition. Cotillion pays off. There is nothing more to say.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind.
I have class in the afternoon, bells in the evening and a vestry meeting at night. I'm going to be late for the vestry meeting. Darn...
Maybe they will fire me...
Nah.. I know... I can't get that lucky.

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