Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ding Dong Drama

I have this new church job - a dream bell choir - a bell choir to end all bell choirs. OMG! They are terrific and I simply adore each and every member. They work hard, they are hysterically funny, and they are really nice people.

When I first took the job, I wasn't sure what I was getting into, so I told them that I'd feel it out to see if it was something I wanted to do long term. I told them weeks ago that I was staying forever and ever. The members of the choir wanted me to stay and when I told them that I would, they were all very happy. (They even asked me to take them to the 2 festivals next spring.)

I proceeded to submit my resume - per the church's request - to make sure I could keep this gig. My resume is a good one. (I won't ring my own bell, but you can just know that their $30 per rehearsal and $15 for Sunday services is far less of a salary than I should be getting.)

Last week I got 2 emails. One had a link to the pastor's personal blog where he gave the bell choir kudos. This has never ever happened before. The choir was thrilled and so was I! The other was from the Associate Pastor who was raving about the choir's performance on Sunday as well as my choice of music and my work with the choir. Basically, everyone is talking about how good the choir is and how happy they are with me.

Then I got a third email that said the church was going to be interviewing a new DOM (Director of Music). The kicker was that they wanted to see what she would do with the bell choir. Hmmm.... I wasn't too happy about that because I really like this gig. I don't want to give it up. But, after I told them that I'd only need about 10 years in therapy to get over the rejection, I gave them some suggestions about how they might have her audition.

I was told that chances are, I'd be working for this woman.
Sorry - I have trust issues and I tend to be a little pessimistic. I don't believe that for one second.

Last night at the end of the practice, the woman who is helping to coordinate this interview/audition asked if any of the members could be there early next week to play during the half hour before bells as her bell audition. There was a LOT of grumbling. Some said absolutely not. But I will be there. (I'm NOT missing that!) Then the person asked if we could stay until 9 so that the congregation could see her audition with the bell choir as well as the vocal choir. They all said no. (Secretly, that made me very happy.) I told the woman (and the members who had gathered around me) that I had a hard time staying late and keeping LLB out so I could help this woman take my spot. The choir members agreed with me. One of them even asked if they could play really badly so that she would look terrible. (See, I told you they were sweet.)

I got the bell choir back up and running and now I'm supposed to hand it over to someone who does not currently have a bell choir or a vocal choir for that matter? Someone who may or may not take them to festivals and workshops? If they were an average choir - maybe...

BUT, this choir - this choir is special... I'm not giving this one up - Not without a fight.

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