Tuesday, April 01, 2008


#1 does not do change -- at all. When he was little, if I changed my mind about anything - even as mundane as which store I was going to or where we were going to have lunch - he went crazy. I had to make a plan and stick with it. I learned very quickly to give him a vague plan such as "Mall, lunch, home."

To this day, he will ask about our plan for the day. Lately, it's been a bit boring: "Go to school. Someone will pick you up from track." Notice I don't tell him who will pick him up? That's because at the end of a long day, that little item could change. He would get upset if I told him I was going to pick him up and Mr. went instead. Actually upset isn't quite the right word -- disappointed is more like it. It's almost as if he has his heart set on one person, and when another shows up he's kinda hurt. This way, it doesn't matter who gets him. He just knows someone will be there.

I always wondered where he got this little quirk.

This morning I figured out where he gets it.

Mr. was supposed to go to work later this morning. It seems his minions have not been getting their work done. Anyway this meant that we would all sleep in until 6. Mr. would take #1 to the bus stop, come back home and work for a while, and head out at 9 after the traffic had subsided.

This plan changed at 4:50 this morning when Mr. got up to use the bathroom and decided he wasn't sleepy any more. He decided to go in earlier rather than later. Technically, this plan is completely logical - there is less traffic, he can get some serious work done before his troublesome minions show up, and his breakfast burrito is calling.

But, after he kissed me goodbye and headed down the dark and rainy driveway, I got to thinkin'...
I didn't like the change in plan.
My feelings were a little hurt.
(It was 5am and I was awake - I don't think I liked that part very much, either.)
I was looking forward to breakfast and a morning with my Mr.
And now...

I had a serious light bulb moment!

#1 gets it from me.

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