Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday? Already?

It seems like I just got both children back to school and they are going to be home again tomorrow. Not that I mind, but I was just getting my house back.

Tonight is the Cotillion Ball!
#1 has his tux - it only took three tries to hopefully get it right.

The first pair of shoes were too big and his pants were so tight around the legs that he looked like a Beatle - it doesn't matter which one - you pick... He looked pretty funny!

The second pair of shoes had 2 different sizes - an 11 and a 12. One fit... one didn't. The second pair of pants fit great. So they sent him home with the suit and no shoes.

Today I get to go back to get the 3rd pair of shoes. Yes - as in the day of the ball. If they aren't right, I'm getting my $ back for the shoes and he can just wear his black band shoes. They are comfortable, stylish, and they fit. Or, he can just wear his socks and tell the Cotillion Lady that they never got the shoes right.

You all remember that HP isn't going tonight. (He and LLB are going to a different ball in couple of weeks.) Dancing with those other boys with sweaty palms isn't LLB's favorite thing, but hanging with her girl friends makes up for it. A friend let me borrow a really pretty pinky/peachy ball gown, but LLB is set on the teal. (I will put the pinky one on her and take a picture for the lady who loaned it.) I'll show you all some pictures as soon as I get them uploaded. Those of you who know me in real life will receive access to see pix of the children with heads like I have done in the past - so check your email boxes early and often. I know you LIVE for pix of my sweet kids!

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