Friday, April 25, 2008

The light...

At the end of the week -- I can almost see it!

Tomorrow we are off to Busch Gardens! I'm so excited I almost can't stand myself - yes, I'm worse than the kids.

But, before I get too hot and bothered, I need to get through today:

6:30am - Bring #1 to bus stop.
8am - Middle School - Picture day volunteering
12pm - home for lunch, laundry, dishes, and picking up unless I'm too tired in which case, I'll have lunch, clean the kitchen, and watch a little TV. (I love TV!!)
2:30pm - Middle School for Talent Show set up
3:45 - Neighboring High School to get #1 and 2 friends to get them back to our High School for play rehearsal - they are all at Jazz Fest, but play in the pit.
5 pm - Middle School - pick up LLB
5:30pm - Burger Joint for dinner with friends - Note: Gram and Grandpa we'll meet you there
8pm - High School to pick up #1 and bring him home for the night.

I think I'll be watching my TV after lunch -- if I don't watch then I won't get to watch any (which could be a good thing for addicts like me). We have to be at the Middle School at 6:45 tomorrow morning to load the snacks and goodies on the buses.

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