Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Time Flies

I had no time to blog yesterday and I had so many stupidly funny things I was going to tell you. Alas, I have forgotten each and every anecdote.

I spent yesterday morning helping the middle school band kids with Smartmusic. They were testing using the computers. It went okay for a first time thing, but... Some kids had to use Mr.H's machine to test - LLB was one of them. She went in to test and there was no sound coming out of the machine. The teacher told me that she had to wear the headphones. Wait a sec! They have to wear headphones to test? Whatever... Oh.. yes, and the soundboard is incompatible, so whatever they play sounds really crappy. Hmmm... all that practice was for what??!! At least all the trumpets sound equally crappy. And that goes for the french horns too. Lovely. LLB was not impressed, but thinks she did fine - fine enough to keep her first chair? I dunno.

Mr. H. wanted me back this morning to load up a newer version of Smartmusic on the other machines, because it seems that some of the kids had to play at triple speed due to another incompatibility. We'll get it worked out, but in the mean time... they are having trouble adjusting - as am I. I'm not going for a little while. I need some time at home - you know.. to blog and pick up my kitchen.

Yesterday afternoon I had to teach my middle school handbell class. My talker was back. Oh how I did not miss her while she was gone. She is so disruptive it's amazing. I even threatened demerits and you know what she said, "I have so many demerits that it really doesn't even matter anymore." Mmmkay... well... I guess I can't threaten with those, can I?

My church handbell rehearsal was last night and OMG! They are wonderful!!! I just love them! They are playing on Sunday and they are going to kick some serious butt. We are playing for two services. Fortunately, we play very very early in the second service, because I want to get my rear end back to our church on Sunday. HP's grandma is guest preaching and I really want to hear her. She's a terrific lady.

Today I have to pick up the middle school band's new TV and have lunch with a friend because you can't just do one errand with a friend and not eat. It's all about lunch. And it makes the chore seem so much more fun. I wonder if he'll pay for our lunch since he's not having to pay shipping... Eh.. I thought not.

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