Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

LLB and HP went to the Cotillion Ball on Friday. They had a wonderful time and the pictures - the ones with heads - are just great! I really wish I could show you, but you'll just have to trust me on that. (Some of you may have received access in your email over the weekend. If you didn't - let me know and I'll see that you get them.)

When I asked LLB if she had a good time at this ball, she said, "Mom... It was really fun! HP and I danced every dance except for 2, and the kids at this ball were all very sweet." (This tidbit of information did not surprise me as some of the kids at the first ball were "city" kids and the kids at the second ball were "country" kids.)

While the children were at the ball, the adults enjoyed a terrific "grown-up" dinner. We had to do something to occupy our time, right? The place that HP's parents took us to was simply phenomenal - it's their favorite place and we feel very special that they shared that with us.

On Saturday we did yard work. We cleared about 10 tons of leaves from our culvert in our stream. We cleaned out our shed. We moved some rocks. We raked the the lawn under the trees to get the sticks out of there so we can mow and not worry about damaging the tractor or a bystander. Mr. killed a few bees and weeded some of the garden. Yup - we were pooped at the end of the day!

Sunday was a rainy day. (Thank heavens! That meant no yard work!) LLB and I had to head down to our church job to put the bell tables back up - there was a wedding over the weekend and it seems that our bell tables don't make for very nice wedding pictures. While we were in town, we stopped by Wally World to get some summer things for LLB. Did you know that boys shorts are much nicer than the girls shorts? They are... they even have pockets and they cost half as much.

I don't have to teach today - it's Discovery Day or something so the kids don't have class. This means I have all day to clean my house and get my laundry done -- unless one of you gives me a call and gets me out of here to do something fun.

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