Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catchin' up on Tuesday

Here is all the catchin' up from the weekend.

LLB and #1 both received I (Superior) on their performances on Saturday. This means that they scored the highest score that they could possibly get. HP also got I (Superior) on all the pieces he played. It was a banner day!!

Mr.'s tooth ache is better. It seems he had "pulpitis". Whatever... he is better. He doesn't need a root canal. Life is good.

Yesterday's post got a lot of questions about our vacation this summer. LOL! We don't usually do much because the kids go to camps and we are trying to save our pennies for our CO trip this winter - Oh, and those 22 new windows we desperately need. But, we are going to head for the Great White North again this year. We have some Canadian uncles and aunties that need visiting... I don't know when we are going, but we'll get there eventually. We have been invited to stop in Boston on the way up - by two sweet families. I'm not sure what we are doing, but if we go that way - I'll ring your doorbells!

Yesterday afternoon as I was getting ready to head off to my bell class, I got a call from the middle school to go get LLB because she didn't feel well. I picked her up and took her to the doc's office. They wanted to do a blood test to find out what is going on with her strep. So, she had her blood taken - 2 tiny vials - and on the way out the door she almost passed out. Her lips turned the color of her hand... that would be white - pukey white. They took her blood pressure and found that it was very low. They waited until she stabilized and let us go, as this is a common thing with blood draws. (It's not something I have ever seen, but...)

On the way home, LLB mentioned that she felt funny like that every morning when she gets out of bed. WHAT?!?! I had no idea and she thought it was perfectly normal. (We won't even get into "mommy guilt" here.)

So we went back to the doc's today and discovered that she has orthostatic hypotension just like her grandpa. The doc told her that she has to drink - a lot - and not just water.
He asked her if she liked to eat.
Her response: Eating is my favorite activity.
That got a grin from the doc...
He ordered a set of blood tests that need to be done when she has been fasting. So tomorrow morning, if you need me, I'll be at the lab. I'm the mother who is trying to keep the child from chewing her arm off...

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