Saturday, April 05, 2008

Eau de toilette

Zeb is a little nuts.
He has to be to live here - that's a given.
Most dogs who have a comfy bed or a soft and snuggly couch would hang there.
Not my dog.

Lately his new thing is to hang out in the downstairs bathroom - curled up next to the toilet.

At first I thought he was too hot, but the fire is off and he's still hanging out in there... Then I thought it was the hum of the washer and dryer, but that hasn't been going for a couple of days (yes, I know... I'm behind with the laundry again). Then I thought it was because there is too much activity around here, but with only me home, that certainly isn't the case.

So - basically, the dog is anal. Either that or the little rug by the "john" is soft and comfy.

Some members of my family find it difficult to do their business with the dog curled up around the commode. Personally, I'm used to "having company" (as any mom can attest). It really doesn't phase me and LLB doesn't particularly care either.

The boys in my house... now that's another story. They care. They care A LOT! I think it might be because they are looking down upon our sweet canine and are afraid they will bump, drip on, or ruin his olfactory system for life. The comments coming from the from the WC are pretty hysterical:
"Zeb, can you move?"
"Oh, Zebbie.. I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bump you in the snout with my foot."
"Hey... what are you looking at?!"
"Zeb, oh... is it too stinky in here for you... Oh geez... you just pushed the door closed. Now you're stuck. Oh... don't look at me like that... okay, give me a second and I'll let you out."

So... does your dog hang out in the WC when he doesn't have to?

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