Saturday, April 12, 2008

Email Issues, etc.

Those of you who know me in real life, know that I have a hughes email account. It has stopped receiving messages. Why? I dunno. I pay my humungo bill every month, you'd think it would do what it is supposed to do.

I can send email - so you may still receive email from me from that account.

So - if you want to get in touch with me, please try ladybugxing at gmail dot com. That one seems to work very well.

Okay - so back to our regularly scheduled posting...

I am still waiting on news about the car. I've sent all kinds of photos and information to our insurance company (Liberty Mutual). They are being terrific and have been more than helpful. All that being said - I'm over the trauma and mad of it all. Whatever happens, happens... As long as I get my wheels back, life is good.

Last night we had our first bon-fire of the year. It was a gorgeous night. The Grandbugs joined us and we had a wonderful time chatting and laughing!! Our new camp stools - made out of huge sections of tree trunks were very effective and pretty comfy. We had to keep moving our seats because the wind was constantly changing. We could be professional musical chairs players at this point. (The smoke usually blows in one direction around here and we just park ourselves so we don't get it.) We made smores, and sat around until 9pm when the rain drops, thunder, and lightning came and sent us inside.

Mr. had dental pain yesterday and ended up with 2 temporary crowns and a bridge. He is in some pain this morning which makes me a bit nervous. He shouldn't have any pain. He is calling the dentist's emergency number. I sure hope they can fix it today.

Today the children have their Solo and Ensemble Festival. LLB has 3 pieces that she is playing and #1 has 1. This involves a morning of sitting around in a school gym while kids warm up on their respective instruments. It's a good thing that none of this bothers me and that I have my N*ntend* DS to keep me busy. (My games of choice at the moment are M*rio K*rt and Sudoku.) Hopefully, I will get to stand outside their performance rooms and hear them play. If they do well, they get a blue ribbon.

Tonight is the swing dance for the swim team. I'm not sure we are going to go. It depends on how Mr. is feeling. LLB has a birthday party this evening (provided any rain holds off), so I'll have to go out and get her later tonight, but in between... I'd like to be home.

Oh - hey - maybe you all can help me figure something out...
Yesterday, the rental car was sitting in the driveway. A squirrel kept standing up on his hind legs underneath it. It looked like Mr. Squirrel was eating something. What is under the rear passenger door along the edge of the car?? Is there anything important under there he can chew through? (I'm not garaging the rental because I don't want any accidental door dings.) Does he work for Nationwide?? Is he trying to sabotage my car???

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