Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. LLB, the Grandbugs and I are going to Busch Gardens on Saturday. LLB has a band competition.

2. R and I went to our favorite warehouse store to get snacks and goodies for the kids' bus ride to Williamsburg.

3. The band director forgot to thank R for helping with the snacks in the letter he sent home.

4. Don't worry. I told him that he needed to thank R. She gave up her whole day to go with me and then stay and help us put 118 goody bags together.

5. LLB got second chair for this event - she tied with the 8th grader. He gets to be first because he is older. That makes sense, but LLB is NOT happy.

6. They had an after school rehearsal yesterday.

7. LLB was not happy with Turtle Boy (the current first chair). He did not play softly when Mr. H told him to. He did not do anything Mr. H asked him to do.

8. She went up to Mr. H at the end of class and told him that Turtle Boy was not following directions.

9. Wow! Was she mad!!

10. Mr. H told her he would take care of it.

11. I had all I could do to get her out of there before she said something else!!! That child sure says what she thinks. It's good that she is comfortable with her band director, but... really...

12. #1 has Jazz Fest this weekend. It's a two day thing - Friday and Saturday. He gets to miss school on Friday. (Yup.. that makes it all worth while). #1 and Mr. are going to do that together on Saturday.

13. It won't be the same at Busch Gardens without the boys, but... we'll manage.

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