Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Ball...

Well, they went.

As they were getting ready, I was fixing something on LLB's dress and #1 needed help with his sleeve buttons. I couldn't do sleeve buttons until I finished what I was doing, but LLB offered to help him. It was sooo cute! She buttoned the first button. When she was finished, he held up his second wrist. She immediately told him that she could do that one, too... OMG! I saw my future flash before my eyes... I saw them getting ready for prom and weddings and... good gracious... where does the time go?

On the way there, #1 said:
"Mom, you know what the best part of Cotillion is?"
"Umm... tell me."
"All the pretty girls!"
He's got his priorities straight!

#1 had a marvelous time.
LLB - not so much. The boys were toads and HP wasn't there.
But, here is her dress:

To those of you who have been checking your email boxes for pix of my children with heads... give me a little more time. Yesterday, instead of uploading the pictures I spent the day organizing 4 closets. I should post after pictures, but I was to embarrassed to take before pictures.

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