Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Boom Crash

Beware of little old ladies behind the wheel!

One of them pulled out of her driveway into the path of my sweet little CRV yesterday. She did not see me - nor do I think she looked. She is a danger and I know this because I have missed her time and time again. Her driveway is circular but she insists on pulling out where it is hard to see. If she went out the other way, or even put up a mirror, her view would be so much better...

The insurance company has been terrific. They had my car in the shop by 3pm yesterday afternoon. I am hoping I can have it back soon! The airbag did not deploy, so repairs are a little easier. She smooshed driver's side headlight and pushed the front quarter panel back just enough so I can't drive it. My sweet wheels... Oh how I love my little car. It looked so sad and hurt sitting there crumpled up in the front.

Grandpa came and pulled the quarter panel out enough so I could get it home. I was only a mile and a half from my house. Then my dear friend R came and rescued me so we could do the school errand that we had to do. That is a story for another time! LOL!

They were coming to get the car to take it to the shop, so poor Grandpa had to empty my car. He had no idea how much stuff was in that car. He is still shaking his head. It's a good thing that #1's empty track bag was in there because he filled it to the brim! I think Grandpa might never get over how much stuff was in there!

Hopefully, I'll have my sweet ride back soon... I know it is kinda old and it has a lot of miles on it, but it's mine and I want it back. I have to get the rental this morning, so at least I will have wheels. 4 wheels and a motor - that's what I told the lady I needed.

I think I should have mentioned a radio...

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