Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Cars burp.
Did you know that?
I didn't think you did.

Now you do.

I took my sweet marshmallow back to the fix-it this morning. They looked at it and tried to fix it, but it needed to be hooked up to the dealer's machine thingy to figure out exactly what was going on. (Hey - I've got a master's degree but I never took Auto Shop so you'll have to bear with my non-technical mumbo jumbo.)

They told me that if the dealer found the problem was from the repair, the insurance company would pay.

I arrived at the dealership - my car burped twice on the way there -- only I thought it was a cough. (What do I know??) It was also overheating when it idled. Yes - every stop light caused me great angst.

I turned the car over to my trusty dealership and went for lunch across the street. I returned an hour later and my service representative had no news yet. I am a patient person - AND I want my wheels back intact and fully functioning. It takes time to figure these things out.

Eventually, the service rep came and sat with me.
"Your car needed to burp."
"Okaaay." (Snort!)
He started to laugh, too. "No. Really... when they put the radiator back on, it got a bubble of air in there and every time it hesitated it was burping. It also had a loose oil pump connection. We fixed that. It has been running out there and has no more problems."
"Wow. Really?? That's great!"
"What about the timing belt?"
"I have good news for you. You have a timing chain. You don't ever need to replace that."
"Wow! That's amazing. You've made my day!"
"You really don't need your 105k mile check until next time you get your oil changed. Do you want me to have them do the oil now? You are over for this one. I'll put a note to have them do the 105k next time."

So - they did the oil change, fixed my car, and saved me some cash.
I was thrilled!
Then, my service rep went above and beyond the call of duty and called the fix-it shop. He told Mr. Fix-it that the cause of the problem was the repair and that he should have the insurance company give me my $104 back. The fix-it guy wanted to make it less, and my service rep insisted on the $104.

On the way home, I heard from #1. He is done early tonight!!

It was a banner day.
After yesterday - I think I deserved it.

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